We associate products among themselves and their respective markets, we share different business channels, which provide the participation of the entire portfolio (range) of products, which are already renowned, or a new product to be introduced and subsidized by others with low operating cost.

. We only work with quality products and all non competitive among themselves;

. Being present in the main sales channels in the State of Sao Paulo;

. Association of products among themselves and business channel;

. Increase in sale of the entire portfolio of products;
. Visibility through numerical distribution;

. Introduction of new items, already subsidized by the remaining active;

. Low operating cost.



Tivoli Representações

R. Verbo Divino, 2001 x Av. Nações Unidas
TorreB - Sala 308
04719-002 - Chác. Sto. Antônio - São Paulo - SP
Fones: +55 11 5535-3621 / Fax: 5535-8619